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Briony Lazarides
Sharpham Drove
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I am a professional behavioural dog trainer and over the years many of my dogs have worked for me as 'stooges'. As well as other giant breeds I have kept one family of St. Bernards for twenty-five years,they are now my only breed and currently have four generations to meet and cuddle. The old dog pictured below was 12 years old there , the first boy I bred and his great granddaughter is my current oldest. Alchazandis St. Bernards have usually reached ten years plus.

I have bred smooth dogs but Alchazandis are generally known to be rough classically marked dogs. Every generation I have kept at least one and they have all been placed at Crufts although I show infrequently.
In 2020 my 13 month old baby won a third at Crufts her second ever show. Her father took fourth in his class last year and second in Puppy in 2019
To date none of our smooths have made their debut in the show ring.

Update September 2020 .. We ARE hoping for November or December puppies.

I don't breed prolifically, but enquiries are still welcomed year round. I do NOT want deposits, if you decide to wait for an Alchazandis dog there is no obligation, but I do expect people to visit us as a first step
In most cases I will homecheck potential enquirers, there is a contract of sale and you will also find me listed on the PuppyCulture website.. please do look at their resources, I encourage all new owners to watch the PuppyCulture film about early rearing . Our pups are extensively well socialised and I tend to prefer to sell them a little older than many breeders, to teach basic commands crate/leash/whistle/clicker/toilet train and have them well used to many different things before leaving their mum, and tend to stagger puppy leaving age to suit the needs of each pup and family, usually between ten and twelve weeks ideally.

The pictured pup was 8 weeks old at that time

Saints vary widely in type size and temperament, also online advice about them can be misleading, if you want to know more about the breed please feel free to enquire and come for a visit. All my adult dogs are health-checked with hips elbows and heart certificates, and all puppies are housereared. Ours tend to make up to 80kg bitches and 90kg dogs but this can vary and it is not always possible to predict a dog's adult size.

Stud service would ONLY be considered for fully health tested bitches with low hip scores, clear elbow scores (0-0) and clear heart tests (0/6 and n.a.d.) and where I believe the breeder to intend to take lifetime responsibility and to be able to take months off work to fully house rear puppies. Do NOT wait until your bitch is in season prior to contacting me, I would expect not only to compare pedigrees but also to look at the dogs together in advance of any agreement. Both to compare conformation and temperament.

I take dogs of my breeding back for life, so if you are looking for an older dog of either of these breeds, it is worth enquiring to me. Placing adult dogs is even trickier than pups as the home must fit the dog. I rarely publicly advertise the adults, who will stay with me until the RIGHT home comes along which could be years i can also put you in touch with the breed rescues whether you want to take on or relinquih a dog. Also, I do not usually take in dogs not bred by myself, that would be exceptional, but I may be able to work with you so that you do not have to give up on your dog. Or possibly help you find your original breeder. For pups I have bred, full lifetime backup advice is always available at no charge. If you email please include a telephone number, thank you

NO overseas enquiries please I will NOT export

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