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The Labradoodle is a Golden Retriever Poodle mix. It's size can vary greatly depending upon size Poodle that the Labrador retriever was mated with. Most of our stats refer to a standard mix. Since the mid 2000s, Labradoodles have found favor as guide and therapy dogs for those with dog allergies. Although no dog is truly hypoallergenic this mixed breed is as good as it gets, and most breeders strive for this trait
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Labradoodle puppies

Labradoodle puppies Labradoodle for sale/adoption
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I have for sale 1 light cream male 2 female 1 black and 1 red labradoodle puppies dad is black small 3/4standard poodle 1/4 lab mum is mini labradoodle mum is with puppies and available to see they ha...Read More