Frankie The Loving Cockapoo - Wimbledon, Greater London

Caroline Swanston
Greater London SW19 2AF
Health Checked
Health Guarantee

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Frankie is a small dog with a big heart and has many positive traits.He is incredibly loyal and loves to be around people. He is always eager to please and will do anything to make you happy. He is also very intelligent and easy to train. He knows how to sit, stay, and even shake hands on command.

Despite his small size, he is a great watch dog. He is always on alert and will bark loudly to alert you of any potential danger. He is also very playful and loves to run around and play fetch.

However, Frankie is a bit anxious in new situations. He will get nervous when meeting new people or going to new places. But with a little patience and understanding, He will quickly warm up and became a loyal and loving companion.

He is also very healthy and has no allergies or intolerances. Overall, Frankie is the perfect dog to adopt. His positive traits, loyalty, intelligence, and playful nature make him a joy to be around. And despite his initial anxiety, he quickly became a loving and devoted companion to anyone who gives him a chance.