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At a Glance

Male Height16 - 18 inches
Female Height15 - 17 inches
Male Weight25 - 40 pounds
Female Weight20 - 35 pounds
Colors black, liver ,blue merle, and red merle with tan or white markings
PersonalityAdaptabable, Affectionate, Alert, Confident, Friendly, Intelligent, Playful,
Lifespan12 - 14 years


The mini Aussie is the smaller version of the standard Australian Shepherd Dog. The breed is held in high regard by young and old alike, as it makes a wonderful companion dog and a great playmate for the kids. Although not as common as its larger counterpart this breed is quickly winning the hearts of people nationwide.


The breed name may suggest that it is from Australia, but the fact is that this breed was developed in the Rocky Mountains of the Western United States from lines imported from the Basque region of Spain. The Australian Sheepdog was bred to herd animals - primarily sheep at high elevations. As with all Shepherd dogs stamina and a high degree of intelligence were highly sought after traits, and this shows in the modern breed. They became popular as household pets shortly after the second world war. They are recognized by most national kennel associations although breed specifications may vary. The miniature version of this breed has been developed from this stock.


This breed can is known for its playfulness and energy. Most of these dogs do best in an active environment where they can burn off some of their energy. As intelligent dog they love to learn new tricks and strive to show them off to whoever is watching. They are one of the favored breeds for agility training. As far as strangers are concerned they can be cautious and even defensive, but make friends quickly once they sense that there is no danger.


The coat of the Australian Shepherd is usually described as having a medium-length that is curly or wavy. Their coat is water-resistant. In the spring the coat is somewhat shorter and less dense after shedding.

Do Aussies do well in Apartments?

If you are limited in space and are enchanted by the Australian Sheepdog breed you may want to consider a mini Aussie. They do suprisingly well in apartment as they have a fairly patient disposition. Just be sure to provide them with plenty of exercise.


Usually none unless left alone for long periods as they do require some attention.

Do Aussies Get Along With Children & Other Pets?

These dogs are usually great with kids and other pets if socialized correctly. The Aussie make a great best friend for any rambunctious teenager.

Exercising a Miniature Australian Shepherd

As an active type breed this dog needs to regularly exercised. They excel at catch, fetch and frisbee, so the more sedentary owner should have no problem keep the dog healthy provided he has enough energy to throw the ball about.

How to Groom a Miniature Australian Shepherd

To maintain a healthy and clean coat the Aussie should be brushed weekly. The fur can be prone to matting so a speciality brush is sometimes required. During the shedding period in early spring it might be best to brush the dog daily until the excess hair is removed. A bath every few months also works well - it is suggested you use a mild shhampoo.

Aussie and Shedding

This breed does shed, mostly in the spring to get rid of the winter coat. Shedding is usually light throughout the rest of the year.

Aussie Health Problems?

Vision problems are common, and epilepsy are common concerns. In merle-to-merle breeding, the puppies that have inherited two copies of the merle gene have an increased risk of being born blind or deaf. Hip dysplasia can occur in these dogs but is not common.

Are Aussies Intelligent?

This is a highly intelligent dog that loves to test any new knowledge it acquires, and have the mental capacity to quickly surmount and obstacle put in their way.

Miniature Australian Shepherd

This is a highly intelligent dog that loves to test any new knowledge it acquires, and have the mental capacity to quickly surmount and obstacle put in their way.