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Golden Retriever Breed Information

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At a Glance

Male Height22 - 24 inches
Female Height20 - 22 inches
Male Weight65 - 75 pounds
Female Weight55 - 65 pounds
PersonalityAdaptabable, Affectionate, Confident, Gentle, Intelligent, Loyal, Outgoing,
Lifespan10 - 12 years


Besides been a popular family pet, this dog is highly prized by hunters. It's love of water makes it particularly suitable for hunting water fowl. It is also popular as a disability assistance dog for the blind and the deaf. They can also be are trained as a detection dog, or in the use of search and rescue operations.


The Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland in the mid 19th century for retrieving game fowl on both land and water. This was achieved by breeding the local retriever breed with Water Spaniels. The modern Golden Retriever is adapted to covering great distances over the most difficult types of terrain.


Known for their patience, the Golden Retriever is described as "kindly, friendly and confident" They are also very trusting, so they make poor watch or guard dogs.


The topcoat is long, water-resistant and slightly wavy, while the undercoat is soft and keeps the retriever cool in summer and warm in winter. The color ranges for light to dark golden

Do Golden Retrievers do well in Apartments?

Because of it's patient nature the Golden Retriever can do well in an apartment. These dogs were bred to be hunting dogs - so they are capable of lying in wait quietly until called upon to fetch they prey. However it is important to exercise them regularly.


They are known to be quiet loyal dogs . However all dogs have their own characteristics. If you are experiencing barking problems it's probably likely that you are not paying enough attention to your dog or exercising him enough. Provided that the owner meets their needs and they are properly socialized as puppies and adolescents barking shouldn't be a problem.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Along With Children & Other Pets?

Golden Retrievers make great family pets, and are renowned for their patience with children. They are very amiable and affectionate and get along with family members and stranger alike. They show very little aggression to other animals - but always be sure to supervise them when introducing them to new creatures or small children.

Exercising a Golden Retriever

We suggest that you take take your Golden Retriever for a walk at least once a day for at least an hour or more a day. This breed loves to play fetch and swim in the water - so you take them to the local park (if there's a lake nearby all the better) at least once a week and make sure they get some more strenuous exercise.

How to Groom a Golden Retriever

Grooming needs are above average, and you will end up with hair all over the place if you don't keep to steady grooming schedule. In the Spring and Fall months especial care has to be taken with the undercoat during its shedding period. There are special undercoat brushes, that are available at most pet shops that will help you deal with a shedding undercoat. If you live near water or take your dog to a pond or lake you may find that he can get fairly dirty. If this is the case it is best to just give him a good rinse. Shampooing should be kept to a minimum to protect the natural oils in his coat.

Golden Retriever and Shedding

The topcoat is water-resistant and slightly wavy, and sheds in small amounts throughout the year. The undercoat is soft and keeps the retriever cool in summer and warm in winter and sheds in the spring and fall.

Golden Retriever Health Problems?

Golden Retrievers suffer from few hereditary problems. The main problems are hip and elbow dysplasia - all reputable breeders will have their dogs checked for these problems before breeding them. Other hereditary issues concern the eyes as the are prone to cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. Apart from these issues these dogs are very healthy , and if purchased form a concerned breeder you should have very few problems with your dog.

Are Golden Retrievers Intelligent?

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and rank in the top 5 or 10 top breeds when ranked by obedience judges or dog psychologists.

Golden Retriever

These dogs are both intelligent and patient which makes them fairly easy to train - if the owner shows anywhere as much patience as this breed. This is one of the reasons that they make such wonderful guide and assistance dogs. They can also be trained to do a multitude of other things and usually excel in obedience and agility training.