Greyhound for Stud

If you are looking for a Greyhound for stud you have come to the right website as you can search by both breed and location here. If you can't find the stud you need, be sure to check our breeder listings for availability as they don't always advertise their individual stud dogs.

If you are in need of Greyhound stud services it will almost always require a contract. This will often require a fee or in some cases the 'pick of the litter'. There may also be time limits to your contract so be sure that the female is in heat and ready to mate and be sure to ask about the consequences of an unsuccessful breeding. We provide a free ad service for stud dog breeders.


Stone, Staffordshire ST15 0HN

Tiki is a greyhound cross Alsatian who is super playful cuddly smart and friendly IF he locks then we’re asking for £150 but only if he locks as dog owners know she may not let him ect happy to send l...Read More