French Bulldog Stud - Wilmslow, Cheshire

Cheshire SK9 5AF
Kennel Club
Champion Line
Vet Checked
Genes Cleared

DALAGAN – CRUFTS QUALIFIED FOR LIFE. Double the price of your puppies with a Champion stud dog. CHAMPION IMPORT, new to the UK, we are pleased to offer at stud Philippine Champion DALAGAN, the most recent addition to our international kennel of French bulldog champions. Stunning RED colour with gorgeous deep black mask (which is sadly now being lost from the breed). Described by one international championship show judge as being “the nicest red in the world” and the nicest red colour they had ever seen in French bulldogs, DALAGAN is reproducing this exact shade of red in his puppies (pictures available), along with that fantastic black mask. DALAGAN is producing very large litters, with the most recent being 10, 7 and 6 puppies (pictures available). Fantastic temperament and the most obedient Frenchie we’ve had, DALAGAN brings his superb character and temperament to all his litters.
Double the price of your pups by adding that rare and exclusive CHAMPION prefix to your litter and be ahead of the competition when it comes to selling your pups. This new import also brings new DNA to the UK market and widens the available gene pool, making your litter in even more demand and therefore saleable. Your puppy advert will take all the attention with your CHAMPION IMPORT sire.
Proven CHAMPION stud dog available to selected bitches. DALAGAN has produced to every bitch he has been mated with.
Special introductory fee for his release to the UK. Be the first to introduce this new CHAMPION DNA to the French bulldog stock here in UK.
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