Doberman Pinscher Stud - Stapleton, Leicestershire

Romy Newell
Leicestershire LE9 8JE
Kennel Club
Champion Line
Vet Checked
Genes Cleared

Top quality, health tested, experienced Dobie stud

UK KC registered Agor Best of Serafimi (IMP MKD) (AW4), known as Asbo, is currently standing at stud.

His health tests are all spot on:- DCM : N/N Clear - 30th May 2019
vWD (Type I) : N/N Clear - 30th May 2019
Hip Score - FCI Scheme : A - 18th May 2019
Elbow Score - FCI Scheme : 0 - 18th May 2019

Asbo has excellent conformation and temperament. He is loving and loyal to us and is quick to alert us to perceived threats. He is descended from a broad selection of excellent healthy championship lines from several different countries. These include 23 champions, some of these world champions.

Asbo is black with red rust (tan) but also carries brown. (His mother was brown and tan). He is well proven and produces good sized healthy litters. (Last three litters have been 10,11 and 12)

He is experienced in his job and is patient with nervous maiden bitches. We are experienced in helping get your bitch pregnant and can do AI if necessary.

Fee of £1000 covers you for as many matings as are necessary to get your bitch in pup. We will give you support to know when is the right time for mating and advice whenever you need it until your pups are born. You are protected by the Kennel Club approved contract we will give you.

Pictures show some of his puppies. Please phone or message me if you would like pictures of Asbo..*(Due to a change in the rules with regards to ear cropping and docking on this website, we can no longer show his photo. Asbo is an imported Dobermann who was legally and professionally cropped and docked by a veterinary surgeon)

NOTE This advert is for stud only. Please do not ask as the dog is not for sale. We love him too much!