Maltese Stud - Swindon, Wiltshire

Ioan Scutariu
Wiltshire SN25 2UW
Vet Checked

Scottie is a happy ,cheerful,loving, and very playful dog
He is fully vaccinated and treated!He is perfectly happy and healthy, better then ever!
He is a 2 and a half year old white Maltese and we hope he will make even more cute little babies!
He also is quite trained and he listens to us when we teach him even more new tricks
His fur is a very white colour and very curly
He has never had a partner before
Only play dates with our friends dogs doesn’t matter the gender he likes to get to know each dog ??
We really wish to find him a partner as it would make him and us very happy.
He loves to go on morning and late night works running in the fields and rolling about !
Ask for pictures please. I can’t upload here (might be a software issue)

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