German Shepherd Dog Stud - Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Lily Vallance
Bognor Regis
West Sussex PO21 3AH
Kennel Club
Champion Line
Vet Checked
Genes Cleared

Fully health tested: BVA, EMBARK

REX is a 6yr old blue and tan KC registered male. He is straight back and Short coated. Balanced nature with a strong personality. Protective of his family and territory but happy to let children fuss him and gentle with small creatures.

He also has a high drive and good work ethic. Loves to run! He has a very good nose on him and LOVES to track, whether that's on command looking for a family member, hiding his ball or after a fox!

He is hip and elbow scored with the BVA
?? Elbows-0

His sire and dams lineage are also hip and elbow scores all with equally low scores with also no hereditary illnesses.

He has the possibility to produce
And traditional breed standard colouration, black and tan. All depending on the females genetics. He also has the possibility of producing both long and short coat.

He is very physically fit and has not shown any signs of aging and is still in his prime outdoing the young dogs ??

DM tested and he is a carrier, this will not affect pups as long as the bitch is DM clear, therefore the bitch will need to be tested. This is a small cost of £45-60 depending on the lab you chose

He is proven and very well mannered with the breeding process, even if the bitch snaps at him he doesn't react and is keen but chilled out and still obedient.

We are based in London, aldwick and hampshire

We are happy with a stud fee or pick of the litter. Depending on how many pups and what you'd be looking for.

Embark results will be on there way shortly and will have a full breakdown of his genetic makeup. Eg colour's he carries and can produce as well as testing for over 190 health conditions

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!