Siberian Husky Stud - Guildford, Surrey

Ethan Rhys
Surrey GU4 7DH
Vet Checked

Maximus is 3yrs 9months old. He is an Agouti Siberian Husky (which is a rarer breed) and has a pure blood line of which the breeder is extremely proud.
Maximus has the most amazing calm temperament, doesn’t bark and has never damaged any of our belongings. Never needed to be crate trained as he can be trusted around the house day and night.
He is our family member and we have owned him since 12weeks old. Lots of pictures and videos available upon request.
We love our boy so much and wanted to introduce another puppy to our family as a playmate for him. He is so amazing we have said we would only want his offspring, ideally another male pup (Son of Maximus as we jokingly refer to him).
We wouldn’t be looking for any financial payment for putting Maximus to stud, by way of payment we would ask for a puppy so that we can have the son of our handsome lad.

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