Lhasa Apso Stud - Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Mrs Teresa Waight
Treatsntrix Buddy
Boleyn Close
Gloucestershire GL3 1NF
Kennel Club

Treatsntrix Buddy is a well proven dog, he has studed quite a few times now.He always gets his girl, even if its her first time he will win them over. Bubba (Buddy) is 5 years old,he is good with kids,other dogs and he is a family pet as well as a stud.He is not K.C registered, we register all our dogs with Dog Lovers who care about the breeds of dogs that are registered with them. Everyone always says how good looking he is, his puppies have always been healthy, with lovely personality. I can give you numbers for someone who has used Bubba for 2 litter, her girl had 2 litters of wonderful puppies, they all went to good homes and all are living happy life’s. We are always here to help during pregnancies with advice as we have been Lhasa Breeder’s for 16 years, so if we can help we do all we can.
His litters seem to be in the range of 4 to 8 puppies, please feel free to call me at anytime.
If you want more and better photos please ask as they are not uploading on here.