Geraldine Serrano - Merthyr Tydfil

Geraldine Serrano
Merthyr Tydfil
Merthyr Tydfil CF48 2EJ
Stud Service

Ossy is a tri coloured, toy, pedigree Biewer Terrier also known as a colourful Yorkshire Terrier.
He is 2.3 kilos in weight.
He has distinctive biewer markings & a small frame.
Biewers are hypoallergenic & do not molt. Biewers are a good breed for homes with people who suffer from allergies.
He has thick, soft, fluffy, white, black & gold fur.
He is loyal, gentle & loves a cwtch.
Ossy has a calm, loving nature & is excellent around children & other people & animals.
He's astute, obedient & highly inquisitive & intelligent.
Ossy loves new adventures & has a warm, happy, affectionate, playful, cheeky personality.
On 7th February Ossy became the proud dad of 6 very beautiful & healthy puppies.
Ossy has undergone a sperm test.
Results of test indicate that he has an incredibly high sperm count for a small dog & is a prime stud dog as proven.
Video of sperm test is available on request as file too big to upload on this platform.
Proof of pedigree papers on request.
Photos of both mam & dad on request.
Proof of immunisation etc on request.
Please message me for any other information, details, photos, videos of Ossy's puppies
Video conferencing also welcomed.