Wolfsharn German Shepherds - Norfolk

Wolfsharn German Shepherds
Hollywood Way
Norfolk PE14 7SH
Kennel Club
Stud Service

Iv'e owned and loves German Shepherds for the last 12 years, but only started breeding last year (2009).

I have ten German Shepherds in my home, Apollo, Zara, Honey ,Athena, Kia, Dinks, Demi, lexi, warrior and Frost, some are for breeding and the others either are retired or have not met my standards for breeding

My first breeding female, Ebony Shine of Wolfsharn (Zara), gave birth to our first litter of 13 pups last year ( 2009 ) which were quickly placed in loving homes when they were ready to leave their mother.

I am looking forward to my second breeding female, Agios Leska of Wolfsharn (Honey) being ready to have puppies-but that won't be for a while yet- she's still a pup herself!!

Equiside Hiro of Wolfsharn (Apollo) is my stud dog and he has sire'd his first litter to Zara's litter of eleven puppies that was born this October this year (2010).

I love all my dogs to bits they are my babies first, and breeding dogs second. They will stay with me for life even if they aren't suitable for breeding.

Any puppies that we have will be brought up in a loving home environment and will be of sound health and steady temperament. They will all be well socilalized with other dogs and well on the way to being house trained.

All my pups will be Kc Registerd, ID Chipped and will have their first vaccination before leaving their mother at 8 weeks old ( and not before!!).

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