Craileeau Border Collies - Lincolnshire

Wendy Tunnard
Craileeau Border Collies
Sandholme Lane
Lincolnshire PE20 1AG
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Craileeau Border Collies are suitable for pet homes, or herding, search and rescue, agility and flyball as well as companions to Marathon runners. They are also ideal as companions for children as they will play all day long.

I prefer my collies to go to homes where they can do some or all of the above and if possible live in a rural location. If not possible then someone home all day or almost all day is a must and where mental and physical stimulation is frequently provided.

Border Collies are high energy dogs, they are always on the go, but they also make ideal loyal companions and as they understand 40% more of the human language than any other breed of dog they make great sounding boards for talking to about problems and using telepathy they are often wise enough to pop ideas into our heads as answers to those problems.

Please see my web site for photographs of my dogs and for further details of puppies available and dogs at stud. Mostly I breed chocolate and white tri coloured puppies, and also black and white tri, chocolate and blue Merle with tan points, shaded sables and slate blue puppies. Coat textures are either rough, long or curly.

My Border Collies are either KC or ISDS registered or registered pedigrees with The Dog Lovers Club (DLC) so one way or another all puppies will come with a three generation pedigree certificate. Before leaving me at 8 weeks of age these puppies will have 4 weeks free insurance, be treated for fleas with advocate or nexgard, wormed with panacur suspension and milbemax, weaned on Royal Canin, CSJ or James Wellbeloved and Multimilk and be microchipped and socialised with the following: frequent human contact, traffic that passes by the meadows where the puppies exercise, sounds of tractors, farm machinery and power tools, a loving pack of 19 Border Collies and a multitude of cats and kittens. My husband laughingly says 'most people have a herd of sheep and one collie, you just have a herd of Border Collies.' I love them so! And like some intelligent person said, 'Border Collies are like good chocolates - you can never have just one.'

I like puppies to be chosen at between 3 and 4 weeks old and where possible new owners visit weekly or fortnightly to bond with their puppy, so that leaving us is not traumatic for the puppy. No deposit is taken until viewing takes place but photograph reservations by email can be made in advance of viewing at no obligation to have the puppy. A comfort blanket is provided with the puppy covered with scents of the puppy's mother so that the first few nights it can snuggle into the blanket and feel secure and safe until it gets used to the scents in its new home.

A breeder's signed contract and after care advice and help is available, as well as a 2 kilo sack of kibble for puppies. Also you will be invited to join the FB group where all owners of my puppies chat, swap experiences, upload photographs of the puppies bred by me, and arrange sibling reunions. This is a well supported group and interested persons yet to buy a puppy are welcome to join to learn about me and my dogs and how I support and aid owners of my puppies. Please join now. I look forward to chatting to you about your love of Border Collies.

All puppies leave with 4 weeks insurance with Pet Plan.

I am also a published author, a Reiki Master, a Domestic animal microchip implanter, a Psychic gifted in psychometry and automatic writing and a spiritual healer so if you love these subjects I would love to hear from you!

Border Collies are angels in fur coats and are fabulous natural healers. I recommend that every family should have at least one of these highly intelligent dogs.

Thank you for reading.
Wendy Tunnard.