Harrisons Positive Dog Training - Wigan, Lancashire

Myles Harrison
Harrisons Positive Dog Training
25 St Clements Road
Lancashire WN1 2RU
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Here at Harrisons Positive Dog Training, we provide a range of services including obedience, dog manners, loose lead walking, recall and training walks.

1 to 1 sessions can be held in your home and surrounding neighbourhood. This can be an excellent alternative to traditional classes and provides full focus on your dog in an environment without other distractions. It can be particularly beneficial in training methods to help with issues such as ‘barking, ‘door dashing’, lead pulling and jumping up.

We can teach all the skills necessary to help your dog overcome problem behaviours and these can then be practised both at home and when you are out and about.

Getting a new puppy is incredibly exciting but also challenging. We will explain how to puppy proof your home and help them settle in. Ensure you have the key pieces of equipment you will need and tackle the most demanding puppy problems, including house training, chewing and mouthing (aka puppy nipping).

We help you to teach your puppy to greet other dogs and people using good doggy manners. Using positive reinforcement, we help your dog understand that being calm and polite when around others means that they can interact safely. These visits will incorporate the basics of training with the key life skills of recall, attention and loose lead walking.

We work with you to teach your dog all the essential behaviours in your own home including attention, sit, stand, down, settle, loose lead walking, drop, leave it, wait and stay.

Our in home training will also tackle all the classic problem behaviours that drive dog owners to frustration. These include chewing and destruction, jumping up, pulling on the lead, house training, door dashing, barking, digging up the garden and separation anxiety.

We also provide an excellent range of training walks. Does your dog pull on the lead, jump up at passers-by and friends, or simply never listen? Every dog should be a master of loose leash walking. We teach your dog all those skills and more to ensure they are model doggy citizens with the best manners.

Enrichment walks are also available where your dog is able to explore parks and beaches around Lancashire. These exploratory walks are a brilliant way to ensure they are physically and mentally exercised.

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