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Dog Training in Carlisle: Puppy Classes, Obedience Course, Defender and Guardian Dog, Doggy issues, Dog Show and Care, Dog Walking.
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Dog cases accompanied me and my family for years. Initially, as the owner then the breeder, and finally instructor and trainer, I explored my knowledge about our four-legged friends. I would like to show you a few secrets of my experiences with dogs. I will help in choosing the right breed for your family. Maybe I can warn you against errors that you can commit while building a proper relationships with your doggie.

Let’s get to work. Look at the world through your dog’s eyes.

*Puppy Classes:
Your puppy grows only once, just like our children, only much faster. Which means, you have much less time for proper adjustment and proper upbringing . Errors that you make during this period will be with you and your dog in the future. So do not wait . Start education by the appropriate party right now and not later than 3 months of age of your pet.

*Obedience Course:
If your pup has more than half a year it’s a good time to start a specific education. This is a basic course, for your friend to become a good companion. This course consists several levels of play, and you can decide at what stage to finish your pups education. Although each dog is treated individually.

*Doggy issues:
Many dog behaviour is sometimes undesirable for us . Sometimes it is aggression towards other animals, children, women or men, and sometimes it is embarrassing for us when they bark at cyclists or jump towards our guests on his shoulders. No matter how bad it might seem, it is the task of this course is to help you understand why this is happening and how you can deal with it.

*Dog Walking:
Proper and regular physical activity of your dog has an invaluable impact on his health. Regular walks and outside exercise, give a great opportunity to meet the additional needs of your pooch such as.

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