Keira Benham FdSc CBT - Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Keira Benham FdSc CBT
South Yorkshire S70 4PZ
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Dog Training and Behaviour modification in South Yorkshire

Welcome to our family run business! We are passionate about our dogs and other animals, and have been dog training and modifying animal behaviour for many years now.

We aim to offer our clients a professional, yet affordable, what ever they need type of service, to ensure their dogs have a happy and healthy outlook on life.

We aim to achieve this by providing the highest level of service which we would expect within our own lifestyle.

If you think we could help you in any way then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!


• 1-2-1 Behaviour sessions

Is your dog driving you mad with chewing, barking or aggressive behaviour? Book your 1:1 Behavioural appointment today and build a happier, more harmonious relationship with your dog.

• Advanced training classes

For owners and dogs that can do the basics but what to learn some new skills and tricks. Show off your pets ability in the local park with a distance emergency stop!! Every dog owner should have one!

• Puppy training & Socialisation

Your puppy's most crucial learning point is in its earliest weeks. Why not set yourselves up for success and give them the best start in life! Register now for a 1-2-1 consultation

• Junior dog 1-1 training

Start with Easy Basics to learn key skills indoors and then progress on to Outdoor Basics, to practice in a controlled, environment.

• Agility classes

Coming soon so please register your interest

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