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Top Dog Pet Services Offering a friendly and professional in home mobile dog grooming service Contact Louise for more details Tel:07546368894 Email: Facebook: Top Dog Pet Services On my first visit I will ask you to complete a health record for your dog, which will be updated on each visit, I will also ask that you read and sign a copy of my terms and Conditions (see below). As part of the grooming process I will give your dog a health check - looking and feeling for any signs and symptoms that may suggest a current or future problem for the dog. I check the dog's body for lumps, bumps, parasites, and also check the eyes, ears and teeth. I will inform you of any problems that I may find and will always advice that you seek further advice from your vet if necessary. I can provide Wash and Dry - Trim and Tidy Up - Handstripping Nail Clipping - Ear Cleaning The preventative treatment I provide includes nail clipping as part of the grooming process. Animal Welfare Legislation Whilst your dog is with me for their grooming session you can be assured that I will always follow current Animal Welfare Legislation. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 states that as groomers i have a legal duty to ensure your pet's welfare needs are met whilst in our care. I will: •Provide a safe environment with rest stops if needed. •Provide fresh drinking water •Provide comfort breaks when carrying out extended grooming sessions •Dogs will not interact with other dogs unless the owner has more than one and requests this •No excessive de-matting will be carried out therefore avoiding pain. All Dogs are treated kindly, considerately and safely at all times and I will report any problems or health concerns to the owner. Terms and Conditions Client Consent All new clients are required to complete a client consent form as I keep a detailed client record system, which not only ensures that I comply with the Animal Welfare Act 2006, but also by providing information that will enable me to provide a top quality, tailor-made service for every animal. Upon subsequent visits you will be given an opportunity to advise of any changes to the information that I hold. Your information will not be disclosed to or shared with any 3rd party. Animal Care Your dog’s health and welfare is my primary concern. Top Dog Pet Services will do whatever is appropriate for the well being of your dog whilst it is in our care. In the case of an incident or a serious medical problem being discovered during grooming and the services of a vet are required, the client authorises us to obtain emergency veterinary treatment. The client agrees that Top Dog Pet services its owners and operators are not liable for any pre-existing conditions and problems found during grooming, and the owner agrees to pay for all medical treatment incurred due to such. Cancellation Policy We are sure you will appreciate that every appointment is made for an allocated time and I ask that you give me at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. Nervous Dog Policy Dogs all have different characteristics and personalities. I at Top Dog Pet services are very aware of this and with this in mind we take each dog on its own merit and will customise their grooming experience to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as i can. If your dog is nervous i will advise a course of action that may take several visits. I want your dog to have a positive and enjoyable experience. I will do all i can to ensure that this happens and that your best friend leaves me looking and feeling wonderful. Old Age Dogs Old age doesn't come alone, as i know when we get older we may slow down, have aches and pains and different sorts of problems.Well, it's no different for dogs. Older dogs need extra special care and I make sure they get it. Elderly dogs are given as many breaks as they need and if a groom becomes too stressful I will end the session, and rearrange to come back another day to finish. Aggressive Dog Policy You MUST advise me if your dog suffers with aggression of any form. Top Dog Pet services reserves the right to refuse to groom any pet at risk of harming itself or myself. If your dog has been accepted for grooming & displays aggression during its session i may use a muzzle to stop the dog from biting. If i feel that your dog is too aggressive or becoming too anxious the groom will be terminated, even if the groom is only partially completed. In these cases i will rearrange a follow up grooming session to attempt to finish the grooming. The customer will still be required to pay for the grooming session. Photograph and Website/Facebook Permission Photographs of your dogs groom (both before and after) can be used on my website and facebook page and for use in my portfolio. I will seek your permission before taking and using any photos. No names or owner identification will be made known to anyone. De-matting Policy I groom humanely Top Dog Pet Services and abide by the Animal Welfare Act 2006. If your dog is matted I will always try to save the coat if at all possible, but will not put any dog through distressing or painful grooming. If a dog is presented in a severely matted condition i will shave the whole coat using electric clippers with a close blade. I understand that most customers want a traditional style and therefore we can start afresh with a brand new coat on your following visit, providing your dog has regular appointments - the frequency of which can be discussed with you. Matting can lead to many skin conditions: •Hot spots and sores •Skin Rash •Flea infestations •Fungal and bacterial infection •Yeast infections •Moist eczema •Urine and faeces scalding •Mites and lice •Maggot infestation •Eye and ear infections •Severe itching •Discolouration/staining of fur There is a small chance that your dog’s skin may be nicked or cut whilst clipping as the matted hair rests very tightly against the skin. Once the coat is removed, the skin can be red due to the lack of air circulation and dirt that has accumulated underneath. Occasionally there may be sores or infection, which may need veterinary treatment. Dogs tend to scratch and this may lead to broken skin. If in doubt, please speak to your vet. We will be more than happy to show you how to look after your dog's coat. Please note: our normal grooming charge does not include de-matting dogs: this may be charged at an extra fee.

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