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At K9 Companions we provide care and training as well as a wide range of services for your dog. A trained dog is a happy dog and our belief is that this will result in an even happier owner creating a strong, everlasting bond between you and your dog for life. We also provide specialized husky and malamute training. I have extensive experience in this field having spent time in Canada and in the UK working with these breeds. Snow dogs are my passion and my experiences in this area has heavily influenced my training philosophy based on respect, reward and motivation. I also believe in working closely with the owners of the dogs I care for/train. I can help owners to have a better understanding of their dog’s behaviour and hopefully help them maintain my training techniques in their daily routine. My methods are kind and rewarding, tried and tested. I am a firm believer in gaining your dog’s trust and in forming a partnership as Dog-Trainer and Owner so you as owner can become one with your dog and be true Companions for life.

Boo and Mia (9/13/2014)

Boo & Mia's first meeting in Eton.
Rating: 5 stars
I first met Edward in Dorney Kitchen and Garden Centre after exchanging numbers on a walk last year. I have one Husky and one malamute and I race them both but we met on the base's for the love of snow dogs and I felt it was necessary to try and socialise mine as much as possible and gain experience in sled dog training. if I ever needed someone to look after my two I could always rely on him as he had a lot of experience with this type of dog and he also got on with my two. We have not met for a while as it has been a hot summer and my two find it difficult in the heat but now the weather is cooling and hopefully we will see snow this year I am looking forward to getting the dog scooters out and start race training Mine are obviously faster lol.

Ollie WATFORD (9/13/2014)

Ollie and his training in Ashridge.
Rating: 5 stars
Excellent. I left my husky in 2011 for a week as I had little time to spend with the dog and it was the first husky I owned. I now walk him off the lead and the recall is so much better (2011).In 2011 at Ashridge I left my husky with this trainer as I had developed medical problems myself and was finding it difficult to carry on the training myself. He was a Very approachable trainer with excellent techniques. I own a husky which was coming up to 9 months which I was finding difficult and the turn around was incredible. I highly recommend a visit and you will see the difference in your dog. I left him for a week as I had little time to spend with the dog and it was the first husky I owned. I now walk him off the lead and the recall is so much better. At the time the two dogs were at similar age and they trained very well together.

SHADOW (9/13/2014)

Shadow being trained in Black Park.
Rating: 5 stars
I first met Edward in Black Park a few years ago who was working along side another trainer. I had shadow 2 months prior from meeting them and to be honest I did not know what I had got myself in for. We met on an initial walk with other husky owners and shadow loved the socialisation of the other dogs. My dog stayed for a couple of weeks whilst I was away and it gave the dog the opportunity to have one on one training and I have to say it was so rewarding to see the difference and to have a dog that was fully trained on re-call and obedience. I have now recently got my second Husky so will be getting in touch very soon.

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