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I am primarily a Dog Behaviourist. I specialise in problems of aggression though I feel no problem is unsolvable and no dog is beyond redemption. In my 40 years experience I have bred and trained Greyhounds to championship level, re-trained fit for duty dogs the Police and Prison services had initially failed and rehabilitated and re-homed all breeds of dogs. Many people who work with behavioural problems come to it from a love of dogs so go onto study courses but dogs taught me from the age of 6 to understand their language and pack behaviour much deeper than any book or course, (CIDBT), I have subsequently studied. I will work sensitively with your family to address the problems coming between you and your canine friend. If you have either a minor problem or feel you are at your wits end and are on the point of thinking you may have to get rid of your valued and loved family friend then don’t despair, give me a call before you do. Services I offer include, Behaviourist Aggression Problems Residential Bootcamp Behaviour Training Lead/Walk Training Bark Inhibition Puppy Training Matching the right puppy/breed choice for your family Dog to Cat Safe ‘Introductions’ Dog to Dog Introductions Dog to Bird/Horse/Sheep etc Introductions Structured Dog Walks See website for full details

Tanya B (7/2/2014)

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Rating: 5 stars
----- Original Message ----- From: To: Tanya Batley Sent: Monday, June 23, 2014 3:44 PM Subject: Re: TLC - Report Hi Tanya, Thank you for the report, we will continue to follow your instructions. It has already made a significant difference, Ty is not going to the door when the postman calls etc, so he must be feeling less territorial. We are chasing up treadmills & will email you when we access one. Happy to provide feedback, may I suggest: We had Ty, our rescued 5yr old American Bulldog for 6 months. He was gradually showing signs of dominance, very territorial, on occasions chasing neighbours down their own drive, constantly pulling on the lead & demanding attention. We were becoming increasingly concerned at his behaviour because he is a strong dog & we didn’t feel confident we could trust him. This culminated with an attack on our granddaughter's friend who came to the door, Ty was barking & jumping up at him and ripped the rear pocket of his jeans. A very frightening time. Seeking a Behaviour Therapist was our only option prior to a return to the Dogs’ Home. We searched on line & reviewed a number, but chose TLC, because Tanya not only had the professional & academic qualifications, but had a wealth of experience with dogs having worked with her parents running kennels from a young age. Tanya, has been extremely supportive and soon sorted the root of our problem with Ty, she explained the dog perspective, which is so very different from ours, we could clearly see how we had inadvertently created the problem with Ty through our behaviour. He needed leadership, we gave affection, treats galore, titbits from the table, he became the pack leader in his eyes! Following Tanya’s advice & guidance we are redressing the balance, Ty doesn’t feel he needs to go to the door when someone calls, he is so much better already walking on the lead. He knows his place, he is loved, but we are pack leader. We are aware we need to be consistent, but we have a renewed confidence that we can trust Ty and enjoy him being part of our family. Tanya is available for any further advice & guidance, but we can’t recommend her highly enough. Without Tanya’s intervention, Ty could be labelled an aggressive dog and be facing the vet to be put to sleep. cheers, Mary Sent from Windows Mail

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