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Donna Condliffe
Canine & Co - Dog Home Boarding
Maesmor Fechan Barn
Conwy LL21 ONR
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A loving alternative to dog kennels, our dog home boarding service provides your pet with their own holiday in rural Wales. They live with a dog loving family and become part of the family whilst you are away. Doggy Holidays are fast becoming a preferred avenue taken by pet owners who want to ensure their pet is not distressed or left feeling anxious in their absence. A dog doesn't understand why you are taking them to a boarding kennel and it is alien to him to suddenly go from the comfort of your home into a kennel for a week or so. Whilst they receive attention, it is not the same as the full interaction they have when they are at home with you. However, there is another solution, Pet Home Boarding. Home boarders provide a real holiday for your dog. With home boarding your dog lives as part of the family in their home and receives all the creature comforts they are used to which means no more lonely nights on cold concrete floors. With loving arms they will get plenty of attention and fuss and where required their routine will be maintained, which in itself reduces any stress or anxiety. We understand you want the very best for your pet and pride ourselves on delivering an affordable service which exceeds expectations every time. Providing the very best in Home boarding where walks and cuddles are guaranteed at no extra cost! We're a team of dog lovers who enjoy looking after your pets. You don't have to live near us to take advantage of this special service, if you are planning on holidaying in North Wales and can't take your dog(s), you may want to drop them off with us on your way and where they are close by. We are fully insured and licensed dog home boarding service.

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