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Puppy Day Care Kitten Day Care Leaving a Puppy at home all day can be difficult. The Puppy may be locked in a Kennel Cage or left in a room, the Puppy can become anxious. Puppy Day Care is welcomed by owners to ensure that their Dog is left in a caring, interactive, loving environment. Pets Services delivers a Puppy Day Care which ensures you Dog is Walked throughout the day, Groomed, Fed and Watered. Pets Services can also administer prescribed Vet medication. This Bespoke service from Pets Services offers the Puppy to enjoy its days, learning basic obedience, getting used to walking on a lead, getting used to all those sights and sounds that are new to them. Interaction with other People and other Dogs and animals, makes for a better Dog Pets Services will pick up your Puppy to suit your needs, regular text messages throughout the day to keep your mind at rest. Pets Services also offer a Kitten Care, we appreciate Cats are more independent, however some owners want that assurance, Pets Services can offer. Pets Services can visit your Kitten in its own home throughout the day while you are away, feeding, watering, administering vet medication, as well as most importantly interaction. Pets Service will ensure your Kitten is clean and any accidents are thoroughly cleaned.

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