Rottweiler Breed Reviews

Robert Ailey

I've owned a couple of Rottweilers. They are excellent dogs. They are very large so you need a lot of area for them. They are extremely intelligent animals and they also have personalities as large as they are. They are very protective, but also very gentle. You have to be able to give them lots of time, and attention. If you don't have the time, or you can not give them the attention they desire then you and the dog would both be better served if you decide to get another breed. Currently I am considering getting another Rottweiler. If you have a large yard, have a lot of attention and affection to give then I highly recommend getting a Rottweiler.

Greg Dickerson

Would really love to have Rottweiler black lab mix. we had to put our last rottweiler lab mix down after 9 years. We loved him dearly and he truly is missed. We lost him to cancer. If we were lucky enough to be blessed with another one he/she would be truly be loved and taken care of and also would be a inside dog in a nice clean home. Please keep us in mind. Thank you

Graesyn baldridge

Rottwilers are cute and I just want one

Shanette White

Kevin hall

Looking for a free puppy i have allways raised great danes. Just looking for a puppy. I have one great dane an three chauas in the house. I have house dogs so it will be very loved an cared for.

Raven Mathis