Cane Corso Breed Reviews


Amazing, attentive, loving, family, protective breed. They are a member of the family. If someone doesn’t have time to have these animals as part of their family and work with them, don’t get this breed. I’ll never own another breed. They are amazing but may not be for everyone.


My dog is the Love of my life! At 15 months, he is well-haved, and responds well to redirecting, and praise. He’s a cuddled, and can’t stand my being out of his sight. Since I am retired, I am able to spend a great deal of quality time with my pup. This one factor, I believe, has helped to make him the gentle-giant that he is today.

douglas rutledge

I have always loved this breed! from 1998-2k19 I have mytonia, yet I never could afford one. always wanted a cane corso. so if you are able to get one this is my recommendation.

Nora soza