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American Bulldog puppies and dogs for sale/adoption

We found 3 American Bulldogs for sale or adoption in the UK.
 Stunning American Bulldog Pups
Price: 350
Date of Birth: 14/05/2014
Last Updated: 08/07/2014
Sex: Male and Female
Health Guarantee: Yes
Stunning American Bulldog PupsWe have 1 american bulldog puppy left out of a litter of 9 the others have all gone to friends and family. Mum and dad to the pups are both big strong healthy dogs so these puppys will turn out the same theyve been health checked and the vet was made up with them not one of them had any problems. Mum and dad have both been brought up with children and babys .... more
 Nessa, Am Bull X Staffie
rescue icon
Price: Donation
Date of Birth: 01/01/2007
Last Updated: 20/01/2014
Sex: Female
Health Guarantee: No
Nessa, Am Bull X StaffieNessa, American Bull X Staffie, DOB 07 – Godstone, Surrey Homing Requirements: Nessa needs a family to affirm her loveliness and teach her self-worth as her esteem is low. She can get concerned around strangers outside so she needs to build trust and focus on trust building exercises especially with men. She hasn't yet benefitted from a foster place to .... more
 Cosmo, Old Tyme Bulldog, DOB 08.07
rescue icon
Price: Donation
Date of Birth: 01/08/2007
Last Updated: 20/10/2013
Sex: Male
Health Guarantee: No
Cosmo, Old Tyme Bulldog, DOB 08.07Cosmo, Old Tyme Bulldog - DOB 08.07, Godstone, Surrey Homing Requirements: Cosmo deserves to have a family who are experienced with large dogs in terms of his management on the lead and in the home. They will then put his antics in perspective as such a large dog will shake unconfident peoples nerves. He mixes well with dogs on his walk and is kind towards .... more

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